With the BEST prices around and work that we guarantee for 2 years, YOU can have confidence in knowing that you are selecting the BEST company to handle your home improvement needs.

Bringing construction expertise to everyone.


I started Pretty Fences and Decks to step into the world of owning a business all while enjoying the beauty of being outdoors in Colorado. (also, I like to paint) 


Weather you are looking to protect your Cabin or your child's play-set or something in-between, Pretty Fences and  More has the ability to handle your service needs.


We are a privately owned and operated company that provides quality workmanship and take pride in our customer service and satisfaction.

Our founder

Hello, My name is John. I am the owner/operator of Pretty Fences and Decks. As the owner I take great pride in YOUR satisfaction with my work. I will do whatever I can to provide you with a finished work that leaves you with a smile on your face and no hesitation in wanting to recommend my services to others. 

Pretty Fences and Decks is starting its 8th year in business and growing at a slow but steady pace. Small enough to stay personable and focus on the one on one contact and communication in order to give my customer exactly what they want.